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The name that you finalize today is a permanent choice that you will be making. So, choose well.
On this web-page you will find:
  • List of 18 useful business name generators,
  • 5 Pros & Cons of using them &
  • 15 Essential Factors that you should look for in a business/brand/product name.
List of 18 Useful Business Name Generators
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I am Ankur Varshney, an India based naming consultant who has named 1000+ real businesses/brands since 2013. Over the years, I have seen many name generators evolve. I have used most of them for one or the other naming project of mine in the initial phase of my career.
Below are the pros and cons of finalizing a name coined using name generators.
Pros of using name generators
  • 1. Most of the name generators are free to use.
  • 2. The credit for naming your business/product/app/brand stays with you.
  • 3. Business/product idea remains confidential.
  • 4. You learn about naming businesses/products/brands. Another competency gets added to your skillset.
  • 5. It’s fun - you get to exercise the creative side of your brain.
Cons of using name generators
  • 1. Name generators cannot understand your business model or your target audiences.
  • 2. You have not named enough businesses in the past to know how to get the best out of various name generators available online.
  • 3. Many of the name generators don’t check domain name availability, which is important for your online presence.
  • 4. The names generated by name generators are random computer-generated names which don’t have an actual or a derived meaning and most of them are hard to pronounce, spell or relate to.
  • 5. Name generators don’t screen your brand/company/app/product names for trademark availability.
Statistics Where do we stand today?

There are over 40 Lakh applied trademarks in Indian trademark registry and 15 Lakh out of these were applied for in the past 6 years. Everyday over 1.5 Lac domains are booked while there are only 1.72 Lakh words in the English dictionary. All the 2,3,4 Lettered .coms are booked and most of the pronounceable 5-Lettered .COM domains are booked too. More than 130 Million (13 Crore) .COMs are booked till date.

Professional Naming Consultants, like me, who have keyed in over two million name-variants to name over 1000 real businesses/products, DON’T USE online business name generators because we understand the fact that the name generators cannot match creative human capabilities and also that a finalized name needs to be checked for trademarks, pronunciation, negative meanings in various languages, carry the right kind of connotation, be relevant to the business/product and at the same time be memorable for the target audiences.

Each meaningfully derived name, that I present to my clients, is coined after rejecting a pile of 20-50 name-variants and after checking each name for these 15 essential naming factors.

  • 1. Ease of Pronunciation
  • 2. Ease of spelling
  • 3. Recallability/Memorability
  • 4. Target Audiences: Country, Language, Gender, Age
  • 5. Relevancy and ease of association
  • 6. Connotation the name carries and the feeling it evokes
  • 7. Country of Origin of the business/product
  • 8. Meaningful derivation
  • 9. Domain Availability
  • 10. Trademark Availability
  • 11. Company Name Availability
  • 12. Uniqueness from competitor’s name
  • 13. Google Search Results
  • 14. Negative Meaning Check in different languages
  • 15. The different business verticals and/or product range the name can encompass
Successful businesses spend a portion of their initial investment on naming because they realize the fact that a good name, that is easier to promote and register, can fetch them better returns for the same marketing budget.
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Thanks for your time and patience, Ankur Varshney - Founder and Naming Consultant @Bizonym